Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Standard

Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Standard easily turns your still photos into a stunning photo movie. It’s movie making made easy and automatic, each movie style could contain multiple photos so that you can create a photo montage movie. Now gather up your favorite photos and relive your photo memories and share them on TV, PC, YouTube/Facebook and all kinds of devices.
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53 votes Vote

Make optional functionality to create CD or DVD Iso for the slideshow project

hlm, 06.12.2010, 08:05
48 votes Vote

Video input should be supported,i have lots of video resources when building my slideshow

Justin, 06.12.2010, 10:05
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48 votes Vote

Drag'n'Drop pictures from any folder (in Windows Explorer) directly to the 'filmstrip', without using the 'Add Files' button.

So I don't have top browse twice for the pictures. :-)
Felipe R. da Silva, 06.12.2010, 12:22
40 votes Vote

Cannot Insert Video Clip

This is a Weakness of this software is cannot insert the video clip in this software is this software can insert video clip in the slideshow this will became perfect software...
Teoh Chey Yeat, 06.12.2010, 09:48
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19 votes Vote

Add the ability to combine filters to build a photo with multiple effects for example monochrome and sharpen or old photo and blur

Colin Wiffen, 06.12.2010, 12:34
8 votes Vote

Be able to use my default browser (Firefox) when going to the website for the registration code, not have IE open by default.

John38111, 06.12.2010, 13:51
7 votes Vote

add capability to change slides (forwards or backwards) with the DVD remote instead of fixed intervals.

I would like to see the capability of simply using the DVD remote to change the slides, much like 35mm slide projectors used to do.
Louis M. Ayers, 06.12.2010, 10:34
5 votes Vote

A greater selection of photographic adjustments would be a nice touch

Colin Wiffen, 06.12.2010, 12:46
2 votes Vote

see your program use the default browser to get to the keycode instead of arbitrarily starting Internet Explorer.

gen, 07.12.2010, 05:34
0 votes Vote

add a copy all and paste function. I need to copy all the slides and durations and paste within the show to coincide with the audio but have to do each one by one because there is no global copy and paste function.

It needs to have the ability to copy all and paste into the same slideshow. You can't even control copy a group of slides and paste within the program.
Sheila Griffith, 06.12.2010, 15:16
0 votes Vote

Allow video insertion to slide show

This is where most of the other software is headed and will be a deciding factor for many
Arron Yonkers, 06.12.2010, 14:53
0 votes Vote

export to usb stick for playback on tv (no dvd player needed).

freeda, 06.12.2010, 15:45